EWF MODERN SPOTLIGHT: Dovetail Joinery + West Bros Furniture

Thoughtful design and craftsmanship lend beauty, style and durability to home furnishings. Sometimes a method of construction will add to the strength of a piece and also enhance that piece’s appearance. An example of this is joinery, a technique that’s been used for centuries in assembling fine wood furniture. Joinery has stood the test of time and modern technology too. It’s one of the hand-crafted details we love about our new West Bros Furniture bedroom collection.


Many types of joinery are used in furniture production. The English dovetail is featured in the drawers of our West Bros Furniture cabinets, dressers and night stands. It’s a locking method of joinery that sets the standard for strength and stability over time. Other cool benefits? Since the drawer walls are joined at the outside corners, there’s actually more space for your storables. You’ll notice that being able to see the dovetailed joints adds an element of beauty to the finished piece.

We are excited to introduce the West Bros Fulton bedroom set into our organic collection of modern furniture with a New Product Sale March 11-20. The furniture is hand-crafted in resawn white oak and available in 2 finishes. All of the casegoods feature soft-close English dovetail-joined drawers. Unique hand-stitched leather drawer pulls enhance the natural beauty of the textured oak. The night stands include magazine shelves and even coin trays!

Family owned and operated, this company has been producing meticulously and sustainably crafted solid wood furniture in North America for over two decades. Their promotion of sustainable practices has earned them  “Silver Exemplary Status” from the Sustainable Furnishings Council. We appreciate West Bros Furniture’s dedication to environmental responsibility and quality. We think you will too!