Renee remembers the first time interiors became important. She was 13 and REALLY wanted to remodel her bedroom. 

Her dilemma: frilly canopy bed with white lace or cool bunk beds for sleepovers? In the end, it was the ultra-feminine canopy bed with deep blue walls and white wicker furniture.

Her aesthetic may have changed over the years, but the creative foundation was deeply embedded. Today, rich organic texture with strong lines of contour and comfort is her trademark. With over 16 years of industry experience, her goal is to create interiors that are warm and modern with immediate impact.  



Born and raised in Northern California, Oliver has a keen eye for color and space planning with a drive to improve the way of life through great design. 

After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with emphasis in Interior Design, he has since worked with an array of design professionals and clients throughout San Francisco and greater Bay Area. Being drawn to understanding how a product will perfectly work and look in a space sparks his imagination and also brings out the curious side in him. Oliver is continually inspired by the feelings and emotions of great design from interiors, fashion, and architecture all over the world.

erez russo


Erez Russo Architect PC was founded in 2000 and based it on his passion for modern and organic architecture.

His deep respect for nature, extensive world travel, and over 20 years of architectural experience bring valuable insight into every project. The firm specializes in residential, commercial, and mixed use buildings with an emphasis on quality and sustainability


Tricia is a recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest via the Bay Area and Santa Barbara. She has spent the last seven years dedicated to refining living environments via the senses, clean lines, comfort and art.

Atmosphere and mood are key elements in her design; creating living sanctuaries with simple, bold lines and organic elements that enhance not just a space but a life with beauty. As a painter of large abstract works there is nothing she finds more satisfying then enhancing an environment with expression, texture, wonder — a resting place for the eyes.




Geoffrey's inspired by the raw beauty in design. He's influenced by his favorite fashion icon Alexander McQueen.

With a background in furniture retail Geoffrey has a love for pieces that make you stop and take your breath away. Creating a space inspired around an object or feeling is what really gets the creative juices flowing. His appreciation for striking silhouettes, functional design, and pops of color are his keys for well balanced design.

Julia Haas


As EWF’s Marketing Designer, Julia enjoys connecting people and products through thoughtful design. With a background in photography, art history, and web design, she brings a refined style and joy of all things visual to her work.

Julia’s inspired by minimalism—in design, landscape, and art—and loves to live by “less is more.” She appreciates simple, playful statement pieces in royal hues, supported by the softening palette and natural origins of organic modern.


Dixie Berger

Designer extraordinaire.

Inspiration: greens, blues, and all colors of the great outdoors.