First Look: New Arrivals for September


Storage + Accessories + Art

First Thursday with Emily Bates & Tricia French


6 - 9 PM

Emily Bates and Tricia French’s love and passion for the natural world synced up in this first ever collaboration. Each artist brought her unique approach of painting and world view to the canvas, and a harmonious dialogue began.

The Pacific Northwest inspired with its vast, expansive and ever-changing landscape, and the creatures and moments shared with it.

Blanket skies, the nurturing life-giving elements of water — coexisting in a diverse and life sustaining planet. Each piece creates its own resonance and message unique to the viewer.

Both artists will also be exhibiting select independent works, congruent with the series.


First Look: New Arrivals for August

Dining + Storage

Lighting + Rugs + Accessories

First Thursday with Arielle Zamora


6 - 9 PM

Arielle Zamora is an artist who focuses in oil painting and printmaking. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon, where she received her BFA in Drawing and Painting from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2013. She is intensely drawn to relationships between line, form, and color, and she draws inspiration from architecture to help assign structure, repetition, and function to the two dimensional plane. Her work exhibits fine lines and marks carved into joint compound, and she enjoys exploring the unique qualities of her chosen materials as well as giving in to mistakes and the natural slip of the hand.

In her printmaking practice, she repeats monolithic shapes that call to mind the simple figure, and which are given aperture and environment in a 2D realm by using line to build a space, or home, for the forms. These monolithic forms, rocky and often visceral, are an homage to the large craggy rocks that wade like hooded figures just off the Oregon Coast line. They also draw up ideas of the basic human form, amorphized and stripped down to the simple space they inhabit.


First Look: New Arrivals for July

Sleeping + Lighting


Objects & Decorative Art

First Thursday with Painter Mia Farrington


6 - 9 PM

Join us for a reception with painter Mia Farrington, celebrating a selection of new pieces on view!

Farrington’s paintings are about relationships and perception - how colors influence each other. Like many perceptions in life, from far away they edges look flawless, yet when experienced up close, reveal all the intimate imperfections.


First Look: New Arrivals For June


Living / Seating


First Thursday Pop-Up: Clay Factor Ceramics


6 - 9 PM

Join us for wine and new work from Clay Factor Ceramics, a Portland-based ceramic studio creating handmade porcelain wares for the home, retail and hospitality industry.

Studio founder Minu Oh is known for her modern approach to traditional ceramic inlay and marbling technique. Working specifically with porcelain, she borrows from the medium’s unique qualities of translucency, purity and fine density to guide and evolve her work.

She will be debuting new additions to the Eureka collection (as well as the classics) for First Thursday!

See you there!