What is Organic Modern

Modern interiors, with their focus on form, function and organization are derived from modern design’s use of geometric angles, curves and edges. The outcome is sleek, spacious and uncluttered. But despite these attributes, “modern” often comes across as cold and lifeless.

The organic aesthetic is rich with character and warmth that comes from the use of natural materials - think stone, wood, and textural fibers. Color, pattern, shapes and textural inspiration can all be drawn from nature (learn more about that by clicking here). A challenge with this aesthetic is creating a balanced space without clashing like materials or their varying stains and finishes.

Organic modern, which is our aesthetic, harmoniously blends the best of the two design styles. Adding furnishings that clearly come from nature with the uncomplicated lines of modern design breathes life into a space. One of our Room Makeover Entrants said, “Organic modern means clean lines, functional and purposeful design and the warmth of natural colors and materials which combined create a soothing modern space.” We couldn’t agree more! Natural materials provide just the right counterpoint for an enduring, softer, warmer take on modern.

At EWF Modern, organic modern is more than an aesthetic. We give preference to manufacturers that use reclaimed or sustainably harvested woods, water based and low VOC glues and stains, formaldehyde free foams and no added chemicals (like fire retardants).