The Right Leather Grade For You

Choosing a high quality grade of leather when purchasing a new sofa is extremely important!  At EWF Modern, we believe in providing only the best leather options for our clients. Below is some information about the leather grades we provide on all the sofas in our showroom to help you choose what is right for you.

Full-grain: This type of leather is minimally treated and is the most natural in look and texture.  It showcases the depth of character in each particular hide.

Top-grain: This leather is lightly sanded or buffed to smooth out imperfections in each hide for a more consistent look in grain over an entire piece of furniture.

Aniline dyed:  This is the lightest treatment available for leather and uses no pigment in the process.  It simply enhances the color of the natural hide and is typically used on full-grain leather.

Semi-aniline dyed:  This level of treatment still lets some of the natural characteristics shine through but uses a light pigment to even out coloring.  A thin topcoat is also applied to decrease fading and help with soil-resistance.



In our Pearl District showroom, all the leather grade options for our sofas fall within the high-quality categories mentioned above.  It's up to you to decide which works best for you home and lifestyle.