3 Fresh Fixes

It’s still chilly and gray outside but signs of Spring are everywhere. Now is a great time to bring a fresh eye and new life to rooms in your home. For simple yet effective fixes to make a modern space more inviting and functional, we like to look to color, lighting and organic elements.

COLOR is the design tool that best and quite easily brings a sense of comfort and calm or cheer and drama to interior spaces. It’s all about finding colors and combinations that resonate and make you feel good, not just those that are trending. Consider your favorite colors, read design magazine articles, and leaf through sets of paint swatches for help getting to an enduring color combo that works. Accessories, artwork, rugs and throws provide great ways to add color coordination, interest and texture throughout your room.

LIGHTING, along with color, is key to the mood of a space. Think about how you want to feel in a room as well as how you use it. It’s good to also think about how light lands on the surfaces. You’ll find the right vibe by working with uplights, downlights, ambient and task lighting to create a mix of light sources at different levels and locations.

Adding ORGANIC life energy, shape and texture can seem challenging due to the clean lines and simplicity of modern interiors. But including furnishings and elements crafted in natural materials like wood and stone, often makes all the difference between a flat or lively space. Plants are especially great for filling corners and difficult places, framing or echoing design elements and softening hard areas in modern spaces.



These three fixes to freshen your home will create immediate solutions. Let us know how we can help.