On Giving Thanks and Finding Hope

The holidays can be many things for people; happiness, stress, loneliness, nostalgia.  Though these feelings can vary from person to person, there is the underlying belief that we should all be thankful this time of year. Retail plays a huge role during the holiday season.  We venture out in the cold, the rain, and even the snow, searching for the perfect gift for each of our loved ones.  Again, this tradition can stir up many emotions, but there is a reason we do this every year...

My coworker, Jill, sums it up wonderfully: Shopping is hope.

This seems like a strange statement, but ultimately, she is right.  The gifts we purchase give us something special to look forward to; the look on our friend or family members face, making someone you care about happy, the simple joy of giving.  Receiving a gift is equally important, and these moments connect us year after year.

So, there is definitely hope in shopping, and in this hope we find thanks for those around us and time spent together.  Let EWF Modern be a part of the joy you and your loved ones experience this year.  Happy Thanksgiving and cheers to a memorable holiday season.