Transforming With Multifunctional Furniture



Furniture doesn’t only have to look good and feel comfortable, but also serve a greater purpose of function. Many homes today face the challenge of small spaces. Here at EWF Modern we offer a unique range of “transforming furniture” to perfectly suit your furniture challenges and needs. Below I’d like to introduce to you furniture that is both adaptable and will give you a bang for your buck.

Cosmopolitan Pearl residential project by me

Small spaces come in many forms, from apartments and condos to awkwardly sized living rooms and basements. Working with a limiting space can be a challenge. By selecting multifunctional furniture like a sleeper sofa you will have a living and sleeping area all in one. Time to unfold your room into many possibilities.

A perfect fit for any space, our new featured sofa sleeper can be made with seven sizes from cot to king  and 14 styles to choose from. Converting a sofa to a bed is a great way to double the function of your room. With hundreds of customizable configurations, you can create your ideal sectional to maximize space.


Think of when you have company staying for a few nights, maybe your parents or friends from out of town. What better way to accommodate them than to have a comfortable place to hang out and have a great night’s sleep on a sleeper sofa? 

Sleeper Sofa 3203 is available to test out here at the showroom where you can explore its seamless mechanism and see how easy it is to operate. Come stop by and I can help configure your perfect sofa sleeper style and configuration.


The saying “less is more” doesn’t necessarily fly when you are having your whole family over for Thanksgiving dinner. A great way to bring in more surface area is an extension table. Extending tables help by filling out larger spaces and open plans, providing a perfect sense of scale when needed. Our extension dining tables have self-storing leaves that maximizes table space with minimal storage impact. 


The striking design of Dining Table 9035 features a double extension leaf in many top and base finishes. Delve into the many combinations of wood, glass, and alluring SuperMarble top. The beauty of having three lengths at any given time makes it easy for you to set up for the perfect occasion. 

From left to right: closed table, extended table

Here are a few other styles of extension dining tables that we carry and are available to check out here at the showroom. More finishes and size options available.

From top to bottom: closed table, extended table

This solid wood extension table is shown in the timeless walnut finish. The middle opening butterfly leaf is self-stored to add two more feet once extended. 

This solid wood Parsons style dining table has a butterfly leaf opening on one side of the table and glides on wheels under the legs for a smooth extension.

Selecting the right table for your space is critical to help maximize everyday and occasional use. Start to think about the limiting architectural factors such as walls, walkways and clearances, or overall size of rooms. 

Is it possible to have two chairs in one? Our Accent Chair 4481 can be customized with contrasting fabrics or leathers to create a double look all in one chair. Inside and outside or front and back this chair is fully reversible, transforming its look instantly.

There are endless possibilities and directions as you can pull from a palette within your home or make up a completely new look with this versatile accent chair. Aside from the completely reversible cushions, you may remove the cushion inserts from the covers and order in a different combination. If you get tired of one look altogether, change it up!

Reversible shell, seat and back cushions flip inside out

We love switching things around. We are constantly moving our furniture around to fit our lifestyle and environment. Modular furniture make our lives easier by being adaptive and conveniently interchangeable when you need it to be.

Our modular sofa sectional is made up of single components that can be arranged and composed to make a custom configuration. Rectilinear and perfectly proportioned, this sectional is fashioned to fit in almost any space. 

Do you have any design challenges that may need a versatile and unique piece of transforming furniture? I’d like to invite you in to our showroom to explore some great ideas. I can help with floor plans and design inspiration on your next project. If you would like to bring in measurements, photos and your design challenges I’m excited to work with you!