How To Measure Your Space

How To Measure Your Space

By Geoffrey Garcia


Often times when we are in the hunt to furnish our home, we fall in love with a piece before we know if it will fit in our space. Something to ask yourself when shopping is, “how much space do I have to work with?” The last thing you want to see is that much-anticipated-sofa-you’ve-been-waiting-for not make it through the door. So to avoid any disappointments on delivery day, we have provided you with a checklist for your consideration. 

1st : Measure Your Space

It’s important to measure the height and width of the walls that you’ll be using. This will ensure you have enough wall space for the piece you’ll bring in. When measuring your windows be sure to measure how high the windows are from the floor. You may not want your furniture poking out passed your windowsill. Keep in mind the location of any electrical outlets, vents etc. You’ll want easy access to an outlet if you’re considering lighting options near the sofa.


2nd: Fitting It Through The Door

In addition to measuring the room that you are furnishing, You’ll want to measure all entries and passages for accurate measurements. Your furniture has to pass through these to get to the designated space of choice. (Don’t forget about the elevator, in case it’s the main point of access to get to your home.) If you have any doubts, review with us. We’re here to help! 

3rd: Measuring Furniture

Once you know the dimensions of the room you’re working with it’s time to start furnishing! Best way to measure any piece you’re considering is to measure the height, width and depth of all sides. Take note and compare it to your entrance & room measurements. This will allow you to see what will and will not work for your space. 

Height (A): Measure from the ground up. 

Width (B): Measure width from the outside edge to the other. 

Depth: Measure from side back to the front. Depth can either make or break a decision. (You don’t want to find the perfect piece in store only to find out that it sticks out way passed your walking path!)

Seat Depth (C): Measure the interior back to the edge of the seat. This will help determine how comfortably you can sit and how it will be used. 



Leave the tape measuring and guessing game for me! If you’re considering redoing your space or simply starting from scratch, stop in and see me. I’ll create a floor plan set to scale incorporating every square footage you want to work on. Together we’ll compose a space that will take your breath away! 

Once all the furniture is in place, it’s time to start doing the fun part...accessorizing