How to Make Small Rooms Appear Larger

Sometimes your living space can feel a little cramped.  Here are a few helpful tips for maximizing the space you have and creating the illusion of a larger area. Choose Light or Bright Paint Colors

Dark paint colors absorb light which can make a space feel smaller.  Choosing a light or bright palette for your walls will be more reflective for both natural and artificial light, thus creating a more airy and open feel.  Creams, light grays, blues and yellows will work best.



















Clean Up the Clutter

Nothing will make a small room feel even tighter than a bunch of extra accessories!  Keep the room tidy by choosing only a few accent pieces, and instead of hanging multiple pieces on the wall, choose one large painting or picture.



Multipurpose Furniture

Choose pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose.  Sofas that fold out to beds are a great way to utilize a space by day but also have it function at night.


















We look forward to seeing you in our Pearl District showroom so we can give you more tips on how to make your living space seem larger!