February is celebrated almost universally as the month of love.  What is love? It's actually the most popular word of all Google searches! The romantic aspect of love is certainly what most often comes to mind, right? But there are many definitions depending upon your point of view.

We here at EWF Modern like definitions evoking feelings of texture, warmth, drama and scale when considering our organic modern furnishings. Regarding customer service we strive to offer the best with respect and consideration. And, when it comes to sustainability and charity, we source products responsibly and give back to the community supporting us.

Your Bedroom  |  Your Retreat

Mindful attention to furniture placement, lighting, color and texture enhances the beauty, function and balance of a room. The Feng Shui system even suggests that such will not only support your personal energy and good fortune, but also invite, excite and comfort.

A beautiful and well-balanced bed is key to making your bedroom feel harmonious and attractive.

For more tips, check out How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom And when you are ready for a new or updatedmodern look for your bed or bedroom, come see us.

A Remarkable Connection Between Beauty and Sustainability

This month we feature from our collection the Astrid Bed

We love this bed! It is designed and engineered with striking proportions and angled legs to make it appear to float in your bedroom. The timeless design will last generations. It is beautifully crafted from sustainably harvested hardwoods. Many stain options and a smooth satin finish enhance the allure of this platform bed.

 The environmental values of the manufacturer are reflected in the making of the Astrid. The time-tested joinery and construction methods, enduring finishes and quality hardware create a tradition of craftsmanship and durability.  Lumber, a high percentage of it FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, comes from within 500 miles of the factory. This reduces transportation emissions and fossil fuel consumption. Indoor air quality and the environment benefit from satin finishes now Greenguard certified for low chemical emissions. We are truly inspired by our partner's extraordinary commitments and we invite you to drop by our showroom and take a look at this bed. We believe you will be inspired too.

Appreciating the Marvel 29 Grand Opening

The stunning new apartment community called Marvel 29 hosted its grand opening January 15. We were thrilled to attend this lively event, view the rooms we staged and be part of the excitement as the place opened its doors. Sustainability and style merge as the building is designed to complement the historic St. Johns Bridge, reflect industrial modern sensibilities and achieve LEED Platinum status. We are grateful for another inspired partnership.

Loving Las Vegas Market

Our designers are back from the Las Vegas Market we mentioned last month and there's quite a buzz around the showroom. We are excited to share with you that our collections will expand over the next few months to include an exceptional new line of mid-century sofas, innovative modular shelving systems and more. Responding to customer interest, we are bringing in fresh, unusual art and making our first foray into natural organic mattresses to accompany our modern platform beds. Stay tuned!


Dare to Declare Your Love

Don't forget about EWF Modern when looking for a beautiful, modern or even whimsical gift for a special person in your life. Why not celebrate your love with the surprise of a new piece of furniture? We also showcase exclusive jewelry, sparkling champagne glasses, natural-fiber bedding and charming pillows.

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