Eat, work and play...

The beauty of this dining table lies in the reclaimed wood top. Since the wood is reclaimed, each piece will add a unique element to any dining room.   Not only does this table provide a stunning addition to one's home, it also provides a surface that is durable and will withstand daily use.  It can provide a place for the family to gather, whether it is for a holiday feast, an afternoon homework session or a rousing game night.

The table also features two wheeled legs which allow it to be moved from space to space with ease.  If these wheeled legs are not a desired component, they may be replaced with standard, non-moving legs.

The photos above show a small hammer attached to one of the wheeled legs.  This hammer is used to gently tap a small wooden piece above each wheel. By doing so, the wheels will be locked in place to prevent any unwanted movement.  This design adds an interesting, functional touch to the design of the dining table.