Area Home Bedding + Linens

As fall transitions to winter, "cozy" is a feeling we seek out more. The textiles in our home, like bedding and throw blankets, add texture, design, character and warmth (visually and literally). It's easy to overlook the significance of these linens, unless you've been introduced to Area Home.


Their products are known for their original modern designs that have enduring beauty and comfort and are made of natural fibers. Inspired by Scandinavian, every product is designed to be able to coordinate with any other piece in their collection.


We love that Area considers the whole life cycle of their products and continually seek out ways to reduce their environmental impact without compromising quality. To learn more about how Area and the environment, click here!


There are many more products than shown on our website but we have samples of all of their textiles for you to touch and feel for yourself in our showroom. Additionally, we have 100% cotton blankets covering our Savvy Rest Mattresses and a few throw blankets on hand. Our customers come back telling us how happy they are with their new linens and rave about how well they hold up.