2016 Room Makeover Reveal!

EWF Modern was excited to announce our 2016 Room Makeover Contest this year! For those of you who have followed us, you probably have met Gillian and Khaleesi, but you may not have met her husband, John. We had so much fun working with this adorable couple who were the lucky winners. Our room makeover contest included a free interior design consultation, $750 off a collection of our organic modern furniture, and free delivery. Their furniture was recently delivered and below you can see the new look!


As you may recall from our blog post about our initial visit (click here to reread that post), we learned about their space and challenges. Their main goal was to create storage and refresh their living room with new pet friendly, comfortable and modern furnishings.


Our designers presented two color palettes. John and Gillian chose "stormy mod", which is dark, moody and playful. They invested in the core furnishings, a floor lamp and a rug in the new layout we suggested in our floor plans.


John was there during the delivery and install, but Gillian came home to a newly arranged and furnished space!


A fresh coat of paint and a new lamp made the space lighter, brighter and whiter!


The wood of the new console paired well with their existing hardwood floors and molding.


We incorporated Gillians favorite color, teal, as the pop of color in the accent chair. This helped to bring more of their fun personality to the space. 


We used their existing art pieces to create an inviting entrance and moved their shoes to another location.


Their new console now conceals and organizes their games, dvd's and electronics.


We loved working with Gillian and John to create a living room that met their wish list and are super glad that they allowed us to share this whole journey with our followers!

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