2016 Interior Design Projections

2016 is here and so is a fresh set of new design trends. Interiors are projected to reflect individual interests and a more relaxed eclectic approach.

What we see coming is an appreciation for bringing together elements we love to work with: a variety of styles, natural materials and colors, uniquely patterned fabrics and rounded or organic shapes.

We are excited about the emphasis upon enduring, personalized and non-formulaic furnishings. Why? Because it parallels our organic modern aesthetic here at EWF Modern. It perfectly suits our customers too.

Our designers are looking forward to Las Vegas Market at the end of the month. We’ll keep you posted on what they find. And, we’ll soon have new pieces in our showroom and on our website for you to see and bring home.


One of our newest products, The Contour by Pablo Lighting, is an on-trend example of the cool creativity we can expect to see throughout the year. This innovative light, available as a floor and table lamp, has a rounded yet geometric shape, a mix of wood or fabric and plastic, and a USB charging port to serve the tech needs of our busy lifestyles.

All of us here at EWF Modern wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!