Media Free VS. Media Focused Spaces

The integration of technology into our living spaces and home furnishings has evolved since families huddled around a radio in a family room. It’s expected to develop further throughout  the new year. No longer is it difficult to enhance our homes with sophisticated home theaters, whole-house audio, wireless services, security systems and climate-control programs. Media-focused living areas can keep us informed, connected and entertained. When well-designed and thoughtfully used, these spaces also encourage interaction with our family and friends.

But, along with the household benefits of technology and media there also comes a buzzing commotion that can be distracting. Media-free zones in your home will bring relief from the overstimulation of our fast-paced world. How? Try minimizing those laptops, tablets, TVs and video games from bedrooms and dining areas. There’s a good chance this will make them better sources of sleep and conversation. Then take a look at how those rooms work for you. Functional and beautiful modern furnishings, comfortable organic textures, dimmable lighting and calming colors will contribute to the solace you seek.