Media Free V.S. Media Focused Spaces

The integration of technology into our living spaces and home furnishings has evolved since families huddled around a radio in a family room. It’s expected to develop further throughout  the new year. No longer is it difficult to enhance our homes with sophisticated home theaters, whole-house audio, wireless services, security systems and climate-control programs. Media-focused living areas can keep us informed, connected and entertained. When well-designed and thoughtfully used, these spaces also encourage interaction with our family and friends.

But, along with the household benefits of technology and media there also comes a buzzing commotion that can be distracting. Media-free zones in your home will bring relief from the overstimulation of our fast-paced world. How? Try minimizing those laptops, tablets, TVs and video games from bedrooms and dining areas. There’s a good chance this will make them better sources of sleep and conversation. Then take a look at how those rooms work for you. Functional and beautiful modern furnishings, comfortable organic textures, dimmable lighting and calming colors will contribute to the solace you seek.

2016 Interior Design Projections

2016 is here and so is a fresh set of new design trends. Interiors are projected to reflect individual interests and a more relaxed eclectic approach.

What we see coming is an appreciation for bringing together elements we love to work with: a variety of styles, natural materials and colors, uniquely patterned fabrics and rounded or organic shapes.

We are excited about the emphasis upon enduring, personalized and non-formulaic furnishings. Why? Because it parallels our organic modern aesthetic here at EWF Modern. It perfectly suits our customers too.

Our designers are looking forward to Las Vegas Market at the end of the month. We’ll keep you posted on what they find. And, we’ll soon have new pieces in our showroom and on our website for you to see and bring home.


One of our newest products, The Contour by Pablo Lighting, is an on-trend example of the cool creativity we can expect to see throughout the year. This innovative light, available as a floor and table lamp, has a rounded yet geometric shape, a mix of wood or fabric and plastic, and a USB charging port to serve the tech needs of our busy lifestyles.

All of us here at EWF Modern wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!




Our customers are the best! We recently had a blast celebrating our community, customers, family and friends with a festive party at EWF Modern.

A fun and upbeat vibe filled the showroom as we enjoyed the cool music of DJ Meraki, delicious appetizers and goodies from Elephant's Delicatessen, party beverages and door prize drawings. 

To all of you who made time in your busy holiday schedules to join us... Thank you! We hope to see you, and many new faces too, at our gatherings and events in the new year.

Happy Holidays!

EWF Modern Gift Guide by Function


The holidays are here! Above you'll find your "go to" assortment of EWF Modern gifts sure to please just about everyone on your list. Looking to bring you a novel approach, we organized this gift guide by FUNCTION featuring toys, tools and containers. As we did so, we discovered some of our options actually perform two roles. Check out our multi-functional pig bank, beer tote and book end.

*Gift ideas 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 + 9 are part of our Artisan Collection featuring thoughtfully designed form, function and materials. Learn more about the collection in this month’s previous blog post.

Any of these items is something we’d love to give or receive. We think you'll agree!

Introducing Our Artisan Collection

In search of innovative makers of modern accessories who thoughtfully play with the design process, our buyers scoured the New York Design Show. They found artisans who pose the same questions we do when we curate furnishings, art and home decor: “Why do we need this? How can it be made better? Is this modern beauty?”

We are thrilled to share our new Artisan Collection with you, Portland.


The current makers in our collection celebrate simple, smart and progressive aesthetics using wood, ceramics, metal, leather, glass, fabric and other durable materials. Emphasizing creativity, process and quality, their products redefine modern design.

Stay tuned to our blog for one-of-a-kind holiday gift ideas. We will dive into this collection, share gift guides and bring you more great finds. The best way to appreciate these limited-stock selections?  Drop by to see them for yourself!

Erez Russo: 1859 Oregon Magazine Designer Spotlight

Architect and EWF Modern team member, Erez Russo, was featured in the latest (November) issue of 1859 Oregon Magazine as a Designer Spotlight. He discussed one of our joint projects, a Rummer-inspired home. Our role in the project was designing the interior and complimenting the incredible architecture with furniture from our organic modern collections. Congratulations Erez! It is great to see your stunning and hard work recognized in our community. More photos from this project can be found on our Residential Projects page. Visit to learn more about the work Erez does.