ONLY 14 DAYS LEFT to Enter Our Room Makeover Giveaway!

The May 13th application deadline is fast approaching. Now is the time to enter our Room Makeover Giveaway! Our designers are revving up and can’t wait to work up beautiful and functional solutions with our winner. The lucky individual will receive a free in-home interior design consultation, $750 off a $3000 minimum purchase of our organic modern furniture, and free delivery up to $250.

So, which room in your place needs a refreshing new look and feel? Do you have a living area that needs the invigorating energy a brand new modern collection can bring? Or a bedroom calling for a lovely new set of furnishings? Perhaps another room asking for a creative update? Maybe we’ve already worked on your space but you know someone whose place can use some love. Our makeover opportunity is one that you and your friends won’t want to miss.

We look forward to reviewing the entries and we invite you to enter soon. For more information, click below.


INSPIRATION: Nature's Color

Inspiration for the color palettes of interior spaces can come from many sources. Our organic modern aesthetic creates an appreciation for natural colors, textures and organic forms. It also points us to a place where it’s easy to find pleasing color solutions. Nature!  Nature just seems to know how to beautifully harmonize hues and values. Our owner, Renee Russo sums it up well: “Nature has always been reflected in my choices for spaces. What you see in nature works so well naturally, you don’t have to come up with other ways to pair colors and textures.”

Whether the visual cue is panoramic or close-up, color palettes of all kinds - vibrant, serene, monochromatic, even surprising - spark our creativity. When you are out and about in natural settings or looking through nature photos, take notice. There’s a really good chance that nature’s combinations will inspire you too.

Rich brown wood tones paired with fresh green hues create a pleasing nature-inspired color combination. The live edge table, wood chairs and other elements composed of natural materials and colors work to evoke the organic beauty of our Pacific Northwest forests.

The Painted Hills, listed as one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon, showcase glowing layers of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Such a palette brings a warm, welcoming and invigorating energy to interior spaces.

Gray, ranging from warm (taupe) to cool (silver), is the ideal neutral and never seems to go out of style. Gray looks great combined in different shades for a serene effect that can be casual or sophisticated.

2016 EWF Modern Room Makeover Giveaway


Do you have a room in your home that needs some love? Is there a space you dream of transforming with color, texture, light, new furnishings and a new floor plan, but you’re not quite sure how?


Our talented designers are standing by and can’t wait to create beautiful, personal and enduring solutions for our winner.

What will the winner receive?  If you are selected, you will receive a free in-home interior design consultation with our professional designers who love to design modern spaces for how you live. During the initial consultation we will discuss your goals, and photograph and measure your space. We then will create floor plans, make custom design recommendations and provide a follow-up consultation. The winner will also receive $750 off a collection of our organic modern furniture for the room involved, and free delivery valued up to $250. Please note that a minimum purchase of $3,000.00 is required to qualify for our offer.

In order to participate your residence must be in the Portland metro area, and the offer doesn’t apply to kitchens, bathrooms, offices, laundry rooms or exterior spaces. But no worries, that still leaves plenty of other rooms for you to consider revitalizing! We’ll need several photos of your space along with your answers to some questions we pose about your space. Details are provided in our entry application. Links to the application and the terms and conditions are below.

We are accepting entries between 3/31/16, 10am and 5/13/16, midnight. Our lucky winner will be announced on 6/3/16 here on our blog and in a direct email from

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below now to enter the 2016 EWF Modern Room Makeover Giveaway! And don’t forget to share the fun with your friends.

Get Ready To Enter Our Room Makeover Giveaway!

Maybe you’ve tried falling in love with your space again or refreshing it with quick fixes, but sometimes, you just have to call in the professionals. We’ve been brewing an exciting opportunity for those who are ready for change, and are excited to announce the chance to win a room makeover!

Entries will be accepted starting March 31, 2016 and the winner will receive a free in-home interior design consultation including a follow up presentation of custom design recommendations and floor plans. Also included is $750 off the purchase of a collection of furniture for the redesigned room and free delivery (up to $250)*.

This offer is for Portland Metro Area Residences and doesn’t apply to kitchens, bathrooms, offices, laundry rooms or exterior spaces. Whether you win the room makeover or you get to watch it unfold on our blog, we hope you are as excited as our designers who are looking forward to working with our winner!

Check back at the end of the month for official details and the online application to open. In the meantime, be thinking about all the good reasons you want an organic modern room makeover from EWF Modern!

*Note: A minimum of $3000.00 of furniture must be purchased in order to qualify for discount


EWF MODERN SPOTLIGHT: Dovetail Joinery + West Bros Furniture

Thoughtful design and craftsmanship lend beauty, style and durability to home furnishings. Sometimes a method of construction will add to the strength of a piece and also enhance that piece’s appearance. An example of this is joinery, a technique that’s been used for centuries in assembling fine wood furniture. Joinery has stood the test of time and modern technology too. It’s one of the hand-crafted details we love about our new West Bros Furniture bedroom collection.


Many types of joinery are used in furniture production. The English dovetail is featured in the drawers of our West Bros Furniture cabinets, dressers and night stands. It’s a locking method of joinery that sets the standard for strength and stability over time. Other cool benefits? Since the drawer walls are joined at the outside corners, there’s actually more space for your storables. You’ll notice that being able to see the dovetailed joints adds an element of beauty to the finished piece.

We are excited to introduce the West Bros Fulton bedroom set into our organic collection of modern furniture with a New Product Sale March 11-20. The furniture is hand-crafted in resawn white oak and available in 2 finishes. All of the casegoods feature soft-close English dovetail-joined drawers. Unique hand-stitched leather drawer pulls enhance the natural beauty of the textured oak. The night stands include magazine shelves and even coin trays!

Family owned and operated, this company has been producing meticulously and sustainably crafted solid wood furniture in North America for over two decades. Their promotion of sustainable practices has earned them  “Silver Exemplary Status” from the Sustainable Furnishings Council. We appreciate West Bros Furniture’s dedication to environmental responsibility and quality. We think you will too!

3 Fresh Fixes

It’s still chilly and gray outside but signs of Spring are everywhere. Now is a great time to bring a fresh eye and new life to rooms in your home. For simple yet effective fixes to make a modern space more inviting and functional, we like to look to color, lighting and organic elements.

COLOR is the design tool that best and quite easily brings a sense of comfort and calm or cheer and drama to interior spaces. It’s all about finding colors and combinations that resonate and make you feel good, not just those that are trending. Consider your favorite colors, read design magazine articles, and leaf through sets of paint swatches for help getting to an enduring color combo that works. Accessories, artwork, rugs and throws provide great ways to add color coordination, interest and texture throughout your room.

LIGHTING, along with color, is key to the mood of a space. Think about how you want to feel in a room as well as how you use it. It’s good to also think about how light lands on the surfaces. You’ll find the right vibe by working with uplights, downlights, ambient and task lighting to create a mix of light sources at different levels and locations.

Adding ORGANIC life energy, shape and texture can seem challenging due to the clean lines and simplicity of modern interiors. But including furnishings and elements crafted in natural materials like wood and stone, often makes all the difference between a flat or lively space. Plants are especially great for filling corners and difficult places, framing or echoing design elements and softening hard areas in modern spaces.



These three fixes to freshen your home will create immediate solutions. Let us know how we can help.

Fall in love with your space... again

intro (3).jpg

Have you fallen out of love with any rooms in your home?  It’s actually not too difficult to fall back in love with a space. Just like it’s important to know yourself before having a successful relationship, it’s key to have a sense of your own personal style. We like the way the Houzz article, “8 Ways to Zero In on Your Decorating Style,” explains why and how to do this.

Also important are the functional and aesthetic relationships of the furnishings to each other and their surroundings. Start right where you are by looking at the space planning, storage and traffic flow. Are you not loving the arrangement? Is it difficult to move through your space or around pieces easily? Go ahead, move furniture around!

Next, evaluate your use of color, lighting, shapes and surfaces.You will enjoy your connection to your space more by choosing colors you love, and just a few for harmony. Add visual interest by contrasting dark and light, shiny and matte, curved and straight, organic and high-tech. And, if lighting feels out of balance, consider changing sources of light or adding lamps in different locations.

Finally, accessories help to make a space welcoming and personal. Maybe you don’t love everything in your room so minimize and keep only those objects representing a special connection, memory, or simply those you cherish. Have fun with their placement and grouping.

There is always great potential for your home to become a little more functional. A  little more beautiful. A little more you!

EWFmodern_Blog_1602-1 (8).jpg

Media Free VS. Media Focused Spaces

The integration of technology into our living spaces and home furnishings has evolved since families huddled around a radio in a family room. It’s expected to develop further throughout  the new year. No longer is it difficult to enhance our homes with sophisticated home theaters, whole-house audio, wireless services, security systems and climate-control programs. Media-focused living areas can keep us informed, connected and entertained. When well-designed and thoughtfully used, these spaces also encourage interaction with our family and friends.

But, along with the household benefits of technology and media there also comes a buzzing commotion that can be distracting. Media-free zones in your home will bring relief from the overstimulation of our fast-paced world. How? Try minimizing those laptops, tablets, TVs and video games from bedrooms and dining areas. There’s a good chance this will make them better sources of sleep and conversation. Then take a look at how those rooms work for you. Functional and beautiful modern furnishings, comfortable organic textures, dimmable lighting and calming colors will contribute to the solace you seek.

2016 Interior Design Projections

2016 is here and so is a fresh set of new design trends. Interiors are projected to reflect individual interests and a more relaxed eclectic approach.

What we see coming is an appreciation for bringing together elements we love to work with: a variety of styles, natural materials and colors, uniquely patterned fabrics and rounded or organic shapes.

We are excited about the emphasis upon enduring, personalized and non-formulaic furnishings. Why? Because it parallels our organic modern aesthetic here at EWF Modern. It perfectly suits our customers too.

Our designers are looking forward to Las Vegas Market at the end of the month. We’ll keep you posted on what they find. And, we’ll soon have new pieces in our showroom and on our website for you to see and bring home.


One of our newest products, The Contour by Pablo Lighting, is an on-trend example of the cool creativity we can expect to see throughout the year. This innovative light, available as a floor and table lamp, has a rounded yet geometric shape, a mix of wood or fabric and plastic, and a USB charging port to serve the tech needs of our busy lifestyles.

All of us here at EWF Modern wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!




Our customers are the best! We recently had a blast celebrating our community, customers, family and friends with a festive party at EWF Modern.

A fun and upbeat vibe filled the showroom as we enjoyed the cool music of DJ Meraki, delicious appetizers and goodies from Elephant's Delicatessen, party beverages and door prize drawings. 

To all of you who made time in your busy holiday schedules to join us... Thank you! We hope to see you, and many new faces too, at our gatherings and events in the new year.

Happy Holidays!