October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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EWF Modern is proud to partner with Pink Glove Delivery for White Glove Delivery Service. You may have noticed that the delivery team wears pink gloves. This symbolizes their commitment to Breast Cancer prevention, awareness, and research. A portion of each delivery fee is donated to support this cause.

So when you purchase furniture at EWF Modern, a locally-owned female business, and choose White Glove Service, you are contributing to the great cause of research to eliminate Breast Cancer! To find out a few ways you can further help this cause visit: http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/breast-cancer-awareness-month

Patio in the Pearl Residential Project

Oliver and Renee, both EWF Modern Interior Designers, recently worked with some clients in the Pearl District to furnish and design the patio outside their townhouse. As the couple entertain a lot, the goal was to create an outside space that was comfortable and conversational, but with maximum seating. In addition to meeting the form and functional needs of the client, Oliver and Renee also found a way to plan the space of the outdoor dining area that complemented the indoor environment, which was important as the two spaces flow together. The designers enjoyed coming up with a comprehensive design and finishing the project quickly. This provided the clients ample time to enjoy the end of our beautiful Portland summer!


How To Find Inspiration To Define Your Style


Defining the look and style of your space can be tricky. There are endless ways to find inspiration, whether it be from the architectural style of your home to the infinite number of colors found in nature. The function of a space can greatly impact its design as well, but for now we will be focusing on finding inspiration to define the aesthetic of a room. Here are a few ways to find inspiration by making your space absolutely lovable and livable! Let’s get the gears turning and center in on the living room.



I love playing with color and how it affects the overall picture of the room. We are highly perceptive to colors and textures as we tend to gravitate towards attractive choices that reflect our personalities. Your home interior is an expressive reflection of your taste and own style whether it be eccentric and dramatic, tranquil and subdued, or sometimes a little bit of both.

Pops of playful colors can brighten the mood and evoke stimulating senses. Warmer tones of yellow, orange and red are invigorating colors while stimulating the eye. Energy flows through color and using it as an accent can be effective on a neutral palette and soft textures. Sofas and accent chairs in a bold color are great statements as they introduce color in a profound way. The luxurious Sofa 4896 shown here covered in a plush, rich velvet in a deep marigold acts as a great eye catcher in the room. This sofa is offered in leather or fabric in a multitude of fun colors and textures which are all available to view at our showroom.

Monochromatic tones and hues within the same color range produce a calming and balanced palette. I like using grays and browns together with a pop of white to add a dramatic contrast. Earthier colors such as taupe, white, black, green, and blue are natural and organic compositions while incorporating wood elements. Warm and soft colors are inviting as they are comfortable to the eye.



Start with the biggest and most functional piece of furniture to base your design off of - the sofa. It’s all about looks and comfort, the perfect marriage of great design. A great way to utilize a piece of furniture as the main focal point in a room is highlighting its function. Fall in love with your furniture, let it shine. Your furniture tells a story which speaks volumes of your own creative style.

The stunning Theater Sofa 2804 is a perfect example of form and function. With a wide selection of beautiful leathers, this sofa brings great versatility in comfort as the adjustable back cushions offer you two seat depths at an upright and stretched out position. What better way to enjoy watching your favorite Netflix show than on a convertible lounger sofa where you can sit back and relax!



A cohesive, well balanced room is all brought together with a beautiful rug. Rugs have an  overwhelming possibility of choices as they come in a variety of textures, patterns, and fibers. Think of it as “art on the floor” and what great expression a rug can introduce. Try selecting a look that draws colors from other pieces in the room or elevate the textures surrounding the rug by bringing contrast. On hardwood floors, a rug instantly breaks up the wood look and helps soften the living area. Using a rug grounds all the pieces within the room and adds dimension.

The main thing to keep in mind when formulating your ideas of inspiration is to have fun. The living area of your home should emphasize your own personal taste. Take your time when making decisions and remember that all the perfect pieces will come together if you have a firm sense of direction and inspiration.

Whether you’re defining your style for the first time and need a little direction or want to try a new look and need a spark of creativity, I am happy to assist with getting the gears turning. I’d like to discuss design with you! Stop by the showroom and we can work together on your next project.


2016 Holiday Open House Festivities

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We hosted an open house a couple weeks ago to celebrate the season with our customers. What better way to wrap up a great year than with good people, food, drinks and music?

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We asked our guests to bring their checkbooks to help us raised money for The Forest Park Conservancy. Donors were entered into our raffle for the chance to win one of three EWF Modern accessories. All raffle proceeds will help protect + restore our Forest Park trails!

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We look forward to continuing to bring the latest and greatest organic modern home furnishings to Portland in 2017. Our residential interior design projects were a highlight and we can't wait to see what design challenges we'll be able to help customers with in the coming year.

Thank you for choosing to shop local and Happy New Year!

The EWF Modern Team
Renee, Jill, Erez, Helen, Oliver, Deana + Dixie Berger


2016 Room Makeover Reveal!

EWF Modern was excited to announce our 2016 Room Makeover Contest this year! For those of you who have followed us, you probably have met Gillian and Khaleesi, but you may not have met her husband, John. We had so much fun working with this adorable couple who were the lucky winners. Our room makeover contest included a free interior design consultation, $750 off a collection of our organic modern furniture, and free delivery. Their furniture was recently delivered and below you can see the new look!


As you may recall from our blog post about our initial visit (click here to reread that post), we learned about their space and challenges. Their main goal was to create storage and refresh their living room with new pet friendly, comfortable and modern furnishings.


Our designers presented two color palettes. John and Gillian chose "stormy mod", which is dark, moody and playful. They invested in the core furnishings, a floor lamp and a rug in the new layout we suggested in our floor plans.


John was there during the delivery and install, but Gillian came home to a newly arranged and furnished space!


A fresh coat of paint and a new lamp made the space lighter, brighter and whiter!


The wood of the new console paired well with their existing hardwood floors and molding.


We incorporated Gillians favorite color, teal, as the pop of color in the accent chair. This helped to bring more of their fun personality to the space. 


We used their existing art pieces to create an inviting entrance and moved their shoes to another location.


Their new console now conceals and organizes their games, dvd's and electronics.


We loved working with Gillian and John to create a living room that met their wish list and are super glad that they allowed us to share this whole journey with our followers!

Do you or someone you know need help with interior design? Click here to see other design projects we've worked on. Our staff of interior designers are always excited for their next challenge.

Holiday Gift Wrapping

Let us take one thing off your plate this year... gift wrapping! Okay, so we can't wrap a sofa... but we're happy to wrap the small gifts and accessories you purchase at EWF Modern so you don't have to. Need a card to write a special message with your gift? We've got you covered with a complimentary gift tag that is blank on the back!


We have a lot of gifts and accessories to choose from, so if you need some help finding that special something, we have a gift guide here on our blog or you can ask one of us! Happy holiday shopping.


Holiday Open House



Join us as we deck the halls and celebrate the spirit of the season.

Shop for holiday gifts, or that special piece of furniture you have been coveting and enjoy a special appreciation coupon* with gift bag at time of purchase.

Please consider joining us in supporting The Forest Park Conservancy. Write a $15-25 check to The Forest Park Conservancy and enter to win a prize!

We look forward to seeing you!
The EWF Modern Team
Renee, Jill, Erez, Helen, Oliver, Deana, Dixie Berger

*only valid 12/16 5:30-9pm


2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The season of giving is here and we hope this list makes your holiday shopping a little easier. We get new merchandise in almost every week, and that includes home decor and accessories. Here is a list of the people you might be shopping for this season and what we recommend for them! 



    Portable bluetooth Uma sound lantern by Pablo Designs $439 now - 12/25
    Stress ball $40
    American-made rack for magazines or newspapers $99.95
    Throw blanket starting at $150
    Felt clock $149
    Reflective backed enamel trays start at $50.95
    American-made aluminum match holder and striker $48.95
    Vegan leather animal bookend $59
    Wire basket starting at $85
  10. A TECHIE
    Adjustable mobile charging stand $60.95
    American-made wood cutting/serving board with laser-cut design $85
    Silicone placemats $18 ea.

If you still can't find what you're looking for, we have more in our showroom than on our website and we're great at offering gift-giving advice. Stop by our showroom and tell us who you're shopping for! We offer complimentary gift wrapping and message cards with purchase.


Area Home Bedding + Linens

As fall transitions to winter, "cozy" is a feeling we seek out more. The textiles in our home, like bedding and throw blankets, add texture, design, character and warmth (visually and literally). It's easy to overlook the significance of these linens, unless you've been introduced to Area Home.


Their products are known for their original modern designs that have enduring beauty and comfort and are made of natural fibers. Inspired by Scandinavian, every product is designed to be able to coordinate with any other piece in their collection.


We love that Area considers the whole life cycle of their products and continually seek out ways to reduce their environmental impact without compromising quality. To learn more about how Area and the environment, click here!


There are many more products than shown on our website but we have samples of all of their textiles for you to touch and feel for yourself in our showroom. Additionally, we have 100% cotton blankets covering our Savvy Rest Mattresses and a few throw blankets on hand. Our customers come back telling us how happy they are with their new linens and rave about how well they hold up.