2016 Room Makeover Giveaway Initial Home Visit

Meet Gillian, and her adorable pup. She and her husband won our Room Makeover Giveaway and we visited their home this week to measure, take photos and see what we’re working with! In our discussions, we learned what’s working, what isn’t and what their dream vision is for their entry/living room space.

Here are some of the things we learned from our visit!

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2016 Room Makeover Giveaway Winner


DRUM ROLL please…

The EWF Modern 2016 Room Makeover Giveaway Winner is Gillian S.

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In response to why she wanted a room makeover from EWF Modern, Gillian explained that she wasn’t sure what to do in her small space to make it feel elegant and modern. Her top priorities are comfort, storage, and durable selections (for her pup).

We are already coming up with ideas for how to address her concerns and can’t wait to visit her home in the next few weeks. You're coming along with us on this journey too, so check back on our blog to watch this makeover unfold!

We Have A Raffle Winner!

We have a winner! We raffled off this Pablo Designs Clamp Mini Table Lamp to benefit The Forest Park Conservancy and celebrate our Anniversary. The winner will love the sustainable features of this lamp. If you missed the raffle, you can always donate to The Forest Park Conservancy on their website: forestparkconservancy.org/donate. And you can buy the clamp in white oak or walnut from us anytime! More here: ewfmodern.com/pablo-clamp-mini-table-lamp-567

What is Organic Modern

Modern interiors, with their focus on form, function and organization are derived from modern design’s use of geometric angles, curves and edges. The outcome is sleek, spacious and uncluttered. But despite these attributes, “modern” often comes across as cold and lifeless.

The organic aesthetic is rich with character and warmth that comes from the use of natural materials - think stone, wood, and textural fibers. Color, pattern, shapes and textural inspiration can all be drawn from nature (learn more about that by clicking here). A challenge with this aesthetic is creating a balanced space without clashing like materials or their varying stains and finishes.

Organic modern, which is our aesthetic, harmoniously blends the best of the two design styles. Adding furnishings that clearly come from nature with the uncomplicated lines of modern design breathes life into a space. One of our Room Makeover Entrants said, “Organic modern means clean lines, functional and purposeful design and the warmth of natural colors and materials which combined create a soothing modern space.” We couldn’t agree more! Natural materials provide just the right counterpoint for an enduring, softer, warmer take on modern.

At EWF Modern, organic modern is more than an aesthetic. We give preference to manufacturers that use reclaimed or sustainably harvested woods, water based and low VOC glues and stains, formaldehyde free foams and no added chemicals (like fire retardants).

2016 Room Makeover Entry Period Closed


The entry period for our Room Makeover Giveaway is now officially closed and our winner will be announced June 3. Did you miss the chance to enter? Please keep in mind that we offer design services year round and we’d love to bring customized modern solutions to your home. Meanwhile, we are super excited to begin reviewing a great collection of applications.

We are thrilled to see that all of our applicants have a keen appreciation for our organic modern aesthetic, and that several have purchased furniture from EWF Modern in the past. One comment was especially delightful, “I purchased a sofa from your store when I started furnishing my home last year. Your selection of fresh, modern pieces is the best in town and I enjoyed working with your staff.”


There are familiar design challenges within the set of applications. One applicant speaks of a situation where there’s a need to successfully mix-it-up in a home: “We love the style of your company's product and have a craftsman home, but our furnishings are all modern. We would be honored to have EWF help us create a new family room space for our family of four.” Another entry addresses a common situation when she mentions that she’s “not sure what to do in this small space to feel elegant and modern.”


All of our applicants are looking to update their furnishings aesthetically as well as functionally, improve space planning and transform selected rooms into beautiful places. This is what our designers do best. We cannot wait to put our experience to work and create enduring personalized solutions for our winner. Stay tuned!

ONLY 14 DAYS LEFT to Enter Our Room Makeover Giveaway!


The May 13th application deadline is fast approaching. Now is the time to enter our Room Makeover Giveaway! Our designers are revving up and can’t wait to work up beautiful and functional solutions with our winner. The lucky individual will receive a free in-home interior design consultation, $750 off a $3000 minimum purchase of our organic modern furniture, and free delivery up to $250.

So, which room in your place needs a refreshing new look and feel? Do you have a living area that needs the invigorating energy a brand new modern collection can bring? Or a bedroom calling for a lovely new set of furnishings? Perhaps another room asking for a creative update? Maybe we’ve already worked on your space but you know someone whose place can use some love. Our makeover opportunity is one that you and your friends won’t want to miss.

For more information, click below.


INSPIRATION: Nature's Color

Inspiration for the color palettes of interior spaces can come from many sources. Our organic modern aesthetic creates an appreciation for natural colors, textures and organic forms. It also points us to a place where it’s easy to find pleasing color solutions. Nature!  Nature just seems to know how to beautifully harmonize hues and values. Our owner, Renee Russo sums it up well: “Nature has always been reflected in my choices for spaces. What you see in nature works so well naturally, you don’t have to come up with other ways to pair colors and textures.”

Whether the visual cue is panoramic or close-up, color palettes of all kinds - vibrant, serene, monochromatic, even surprising - spark our creativity. When you are out and about in natural settings or looking through nature photos, take notice. There’s a really good chance that nature’s combinations will inspire you too.

Rich brown wood tones paired with fresh green hues create a pleasing nature-inspired color combination. The live edge table, wood chairs and other elements composed of natural materials and colors work to evoke the organic beauty of our Pacific Northwest forests.

The Painted Hills, listed as one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon, showcase glowing layers of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Such a palette brings a warm, welcoming and invigorating energy to interior spaces.

Gray, ranging from warm (taupe) to cool (silver), is the ideal neutral and never seems to go out of style. Gray looks great combined in different shades for a serene effect that can be casual or sophisticated.

2016 EWF Modern Room Makeover Giveaway



Do you have a room in your home that needs some love? Is there a space you dream of transforming with color, texture, light, new furnishings and a new floor plan, but you’re not quite sure how?


Our talented designers are standing by and can’t wait to create beautiful, personal and enduring solutions for our winner.

What will the winner receive?  If you are selected, you will receive a free in-home interior design consultation with our professional designers who love to design modern spaces for how you live. During the initial consultation we will discuss your goals, and photograph and measure your space. We then will create floor plans, make custom design recommendations and provide a follow-up consultation. The winner will also receive $750 off a collection of our organic modern furniture for the room involved, and free delivery valued up to $250. Please note that a minimum purchase of $3,000.00 is required to qualify for our offer.

In order to participate your residence must be in the Portland metro area, and the offer doesn’t apply to kitchens, bathrooms, offices, laundry rooms or exterior spaces. But no worries, that still leaves plenty of other rooms for you to consider revitalizing! We’ll need several photos of your space along with your answers to some questions we pose about your space. Details are provided in our entry application. Links to the application and the terms and conditions are below.

We are accepting entries between 3/31/16, 10am and 5/13/16, midnight. Our lucky winner will be announced on 6/3/16 here on our blog and in a direct email from customerservice@ewfmodern.com.

So, what are you waiting for?